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Welcome fellow Pyr enthusiasts.

The Columbia Cascade Great Pyrenees Club currently is made up of approximately 60 members across 4 states. The majority of the members reside in Southwest Washington and Oregon. Both breeders and family pet owners belong to the club.

We hold monthly club meetings to discuss issues regarding our dogs, rescue work, upcoming club events and dog shows, and any other business regarding the club.

Members show their dogs in local and national dog shows, take organized group walks and compete in friendly cooking competitions.

One of the main projects of the club is Great Pyrenees Rescue. The purpose is to help unite homeless Great Pyrenees dogs with their prospective new homes. We also hope to provide useful information for owners of this wonderful breed.

Please explore our website. If you are not an owner of a Great Pyrenees, we hope you will learn about the breed. If you are an owner, consider attending one of our meetings. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.