General Information

The Great Pyrenees — A large dog known for its great beauty and gentle nature

Males are generally from 27 to 32 inches tall and weigh between 100 and 125 pounds. The females are somewhat smaller.


Primarily all white, yet some do have brown or gray markings. Their eye rims, lips and nose are black.


They make excellent family pets because of their calm, loving temperament; however they can be a guard dog if the need arises. They are very good with children but you must remember that this is a large dog. The Pyrenees is highly intelligent but rather independent. A Pyr doesn’t necessarily obey you, he cooperates.


Pyrs have few special care requirements. The double coat is not-oily and sheds dirt easily. With a weekly brushing, hair around the house is minimized. Pyrs have double dewclaws on their rear legs which is a breed requirement and these must be kept trimmed as they do not wear down. Except as rapidly growing puppies they are not big eater (40 pounds per month typically). They do not require a great deal of exercise.


Because these dogs are guardian dogs they bark — a big, deep, booming bark. Bringing the dog inside at night and/or training it to be quiet on command are ways to keep neighbors happy. Most Pyrs are also roamers. Ancestrally they patrolled huge areas and that instinct usually is still there. Therefore most breeders insist that the Pyr be kept in a fenced area. A large, white dog in your neighbor’s petunia bed is most visible.