About Columbia Cascade Great Pyrenees Club

Mission Statement

It is the Columbia Cascade Great Pyrenees Club’s mission to improve the health and welfare of the Great Pyrenees dog breed, provide education for owners, and enhance awareness of the breed to the general public.



The Columbia Cascade Great Pyrenees Club (CCGPC) was founded in 1983. Its membership consists of people who own or have a special interest in this wonderful breed, the Great Pyrenees. Among our membership are people with a wealth of experience obtained from years of living with Pyrs. Although many of our members are active in the show ring, we try to keep the focus of our club broad. The CCGPC membership is a great source of information regarding such subjects as grooming, training and special health issues that would be of concern to the companion Pyr owner.

The following is a list of some of the activities of the club:

A bi-monthly newsletter is published, containing articles involving Great Pyrenees as well as a listing of upcoming events for Pyrs and their owners. This (and our telephones) is our primary source of communications within the club.

Monthly general membership meetings are held to discuss the business of the club. Should you want to become more involved with Pyrs or the club, this is the place to do it!

Our annual picnic in the fall is our opportunity to all get together with our dogs and have a good time. There’s lots of time for chatting as well as organized activities such as a funny fun match (which dog has the biggest feet, longest tail, bedroom eyes, etc.).

Great Pyrenees rescue is the soul of our club. Some Pyrs have not been lucky enough to land in homes appropriate for them. Through no fault of their own they are no longer wanted by their families and need evaluation and placement. Some have been abused. It is the goal of Rescue to see that these Great Pyrenees are given the attention that they deserve and are placed in a proper and loving environment. Help is always needed in the temporary housing or transportation of these dogs until good homes can be found. If you find it in your heart to help it is a most rewarding experience.