Is a Great Pyrenees the Right Breed for You?

A Great Pyrenees is one of the most loyal and friendliest dogs you could possibly find. They are intelligent, have a deep devotion to family and home, and have a natural-born instinct to guard and protect. We love our Great Pyrenees, but this breed is not for everyone.

The addition of any dog to your family is a major decision and deserves a great deal of thought. Please consider the following:

  • Great Pyrenees are called “gentle giants” and the name fits them well. But that does not mean they are docile or wimpy. These are very strong dogs physically and willfully. Can you physically handle a very large dog?
  • Routine veterinary care (regular shots, etc.), food, and the assortment of accessories (combs, brushes, toys, very large dog crate, etc.) are not inexpensive. Can you afford a Great Pyrenees?
  • Great Pyrenees shed, all year and in large quantities. There is white hair in Pyr homes, in Pyr cars, and on Pyr people. Does dog hair around the house bother you? If yes or even maybe, you should consider a different breed.
  • Pyrs were bred to be livestock guardians. Unlike other dogs that were bred to take commands from humans, Pyrs were bred to work on their own. If you want a dog who will follow your every command and be a great “off-leash” companion when outdoors the Pyr is probably not for you.
  • Many Pyrs like to dig and they make large craters to sleep or lounge in. If you have a perfect back yard, expect to have it riddled with potholes, the shrubbery dug up, and the flowers flattened. Can you tolerate some “alterations” to your landscaping?
  • Pyrs have a deep loud bark, and if they perceive threat, they will bark loudly and long. They are guard dogs and they bark to protect their domain. While you might learn to tune out your Pyrenees, the neighbors probably won’t. How will you handle this?