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If you are interested in adopting one of our wonderful rescue dogs, please fill out and submit an ADOPTION APPLICATION In order to be considered for adoption, an application is required. 

Information on this page is current as of April 23rd, 2024.

If you have questions about our adoption process, contact rescue@nwgreatpyrenees.com

These two seven or eight month old puppies were picked up just wandering around. Because of the way they were found, not a lot is known about their background. Since being in CCGPC Rescue, the caretakers have really gotten to know them both. I’m told, “they are very sweet babies. They are great with people of all ages and with other animals. Ben is neutered and Abby has been spayed. Both of these beautiful Great Pyrenees are now current on their vaccines. Both want and need to find a home of with a family who will love and care for them and in return, will be loved and cared for by Ben and/or Abby.


Great Pyrenees(100% as confirmed on Embark)
Age: 2.5
Weight: 85 lbs
Altered: Yes

Scone is a loving and wonderful dog who is great with all people, children included. She is not terribly high energy but is also not suited to be an indoor only dog, like all GPs. Her favorite things in the world are cuddling, pets, and treats, but she can be a bit of a picky eater.

She originally came from a Texas based rescue and the only thing I know about her from that point in her life is that she was found scavenging in a Jack-in-the-Box dumpster.

She needs to be the only dog in the house as she is not a fan of other dogs, and while she has lived with another dog for the past year plus, she has started several altercations, mostly based on resource guarding. I would be more than happy to continue to work with her on this issue, however I will soon have children living in the house, and despite her getting along great with kids, I don’t want them exposed to this.

To help work on this behavior I have talked to her veterinarian to rule out a physical cause, as well as put her on medication (Fluoxetine, and I have never known a dog so easy to give pills to), and engaged a dog behaviorist.

She has a great bill of health, is up-to-date on all shots and vet care, has very recently had her teeth cleaned, and has also had her canine flu shots and booster. She will come with all vet records to pass on to a new vet.

While I have full confidence that she will be the perfect pet companion in the right home, I have accepted that this home is not mine, but I’m determined to find this perfect home for her. Please feel free to call or text at 206-909-1709. Location is Seattle, WA but happy to travel for the right home.


Fiona – Sweet & Loyal Female Great Pyrenees  

  • Young
  •  Female
  •  Large
  •  White / Cream


CHARACTERISTICS: Friendly, Loyal, Playful, Smart



HEALTH: Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered.

GOOD IN A HOME WITH: With another friendly dog

Fiona is a smart and loyal girl. She enjoys being with people. She is young, estimated to be 2 years old at the most. She was found in an empty rental house after her owners moved away, with a large pile of dog food and closed in a small bedroom. She had been in there alone for at least 3 days. Property management notified animal control and attempts to reach her owner resulted only in a return call & voicemail saying they had left the state and could not take Fiona with them. We know how frustrating it is to know that this unthinkable action comes with no consequences–but all we care about is that Fiona gets the life, love, and family she deserves. We do not know her previous name, but we named her Fiona because it’s beautiful like her.

If you are interested in adopting this sweet and beautiful and girl, please copy/paste this link into your internet browser to submit an application: luckydog115@gmail.com




Olaf is a big, sweet boy with a sensitive soul. Before coming to us, he had been left behind by owners who moved. Caring neighbors watched out for him and kept him fed after being told the local shelter was too full to take him.

When we first picked Olaf up, it was obvious he was very cautious and nervous about who we might be–he ran and hid. Even though Olaf has a bit of stranger-danger mentality, he does not exhibit any aggression whatsoever. He simply needs a bit of time to trust you. (We earned some of his trust during the car ride from pick up to his first safe landing place)

As his foster mom says, once he can trust you, he is the most lovable goof ball you will have the pleasure of having in your home. It will take Olaf some time to adjust to new people and new surroundings, but the payoff will be so worth it! His foster mom has been doing an amazing job with him—such as taking him to Lowe’s and car rides. He did great at the vet office, too. Olaf will also let you give him a bath!

Olaf is a young boy, estimated to be two years old at the most. He is dog friendly, cat friendly, and has even been doing very well around the horses and chickens in his foster home—although, they do feel he might chase the chickens if given the chance. He really enjoys the Labrador dogs in his foster home, and we all agree that Olaf should live with another dog of similar size and age.

Olaf craves positive, caring, and loving human interaction and thrives being part of the family. His breed (Great Pyrenees) may be known as a guard dog, but what he really wants is to be with you and be a part of the family in your home. Hands down, Olaf will be happiest living with another big dog that will play. His play can be rough and clumsy, so best to not live with small or older dogs.

At feeding time, Olaf likes to put his mouth on his foster mom’s hand or arm and lead her to the kitchen where the food is! (It is a leading action not a biting action). Olaf will need a yard with a secure fence, preferably 4-5 feet tall. He needs to be leashed when not in his yard. Olaf was underweight when we first took him in, but weighed in at 88 pounds in January!

Olaf is a special boy who will easily win your heart! If you are interested in adopting Olaf, please submit an application with Lucky Paws Rescue:

http://form.jotform.us/form/50488470409157 – Western WA State – Olympia, Tacoma, Seattle, Surrounding Areas